Whether you want to train to be a financial adviser, or you’re looking for an opportunity in one of our central support teams, your future career could be at Schroders Personal Wealth.

We advocate for change and want to improve the way great financial advice is offered. We aim to do this by making it more affordable, more accessible, and more powerful for more people.

To help us achieve this we have created a culture that is right for our colleagues, one that they feel proud of and motivated by.


We put our clients first

We consistently ensure that every action we take benefits our clients; putting them first to provide the best possible experience. We challenge ourselves to think differently and are always seeking to improve by finding new ways to help our clients.


We are responsible

We each take accountability to get it right. Every single day. We are crystal clear on our responsibilities as individuals and as a team and work together to provide full and complete confidence in our delivery for the benefit of our clients.

We collaborate

We work together to help our clients and colleagues achieve their goals. We seek out opportunities to assist our colleagues and share our knowledge. We are open to accepting advice and support from others to benefit our shared goals.

We change

We seek new ways to grow and develop our personal capabilities and know we will be supported. We consistently adapt and find new ways of working brilliantly together, being open to new ideas and welcoming challenge.

Our Armed Forces Network

Our Armed Forces Network exists to empower colleagues to take an active and positive approach to help shape the future to come in SPW, taking an active role in becoming a forces friendly employer and champion of forces personnel and their families.

We seek to make Schroders Personal Wealth a truly inclusive workplace by:

  • Providing opportunities for colleagues to connect and share experiences.
  • Making SPW a great place to come an work for veterans, reservists or forces family members.
  • Celebrating diversity of your group and across SPW.
  • Empowering diverse employees to be themselves by providing access to visible role models who will inspire others.
  • Positively make a contribution to support charities and work on projects within SPW.
  • Providing a voice for Network members to help educate everyone in our business to be better informed on the specific Network topics by understanding the experience and ideas of a diverse range of colleagues.

“As a reservist, Schroders Personal Wealth made it clear from the moment I joined that I would be supported in my secondary career. The ten days additional annual leave to commit to training means I am able to confidently commit to my ongoing development as a reservist, and my line manager is very flexible when it comes to accommodating my additional commitments day to day. This has helped me greatly in preserving a healthy work life balance, while maximising my potential in both my full time and reservist roles, and I am very grateful for it.”

Jack Barker

Client Engagement Associate