JobOppO was founded by Veterans,

for Veterans.

Please take a few moments to watch this short video and let Garrath explain how the JobOppO ecosystem works for you.


We understand what it’s like to Change Gear from a military life to a Veteran life, that’s why we decided to create an exclusive Veteran and Service Leaver employment community - to help our OppOs do it differently and do it better.

We know the skills and value those who have served in the militarily can and do add to a civilian employer, and we enjoy working with our Veteran friendly Employment Partners who recognise this also.

But that’s just part of our story. The JobOppO eco-system is teeming with Insight, Introductions and Opportunities and at its heart is an empathetic and active community seeking to help or be helped.



Why we're different

JobOppO is all about employment not recruitment, and our approach and model is unique.

We only work with organisations who want to improve their workplace by employing members of our community - for the right reasons. Organisations who recognise the unique skills, knowledge and attitude honed during or since a military career. Those who see the potential.

Many of our Employment Partners have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and we work alongside Veterans and internal Armed Forces Networks to improve their employment pathways and on-boarding processes.

All OppOs who join our app-based network, or broader employment community, are verified by our team as having served.

We connect OppOs and Employment Partners quickly and simply via one of the many cogs in the JobOppO ecosystem, and have fine-tuned employment processes to make it more personal for OppOs and cost-effective for Employment Partners.

JobOppO maximises a blend of technology and the personal touch to offer Insight, Introductions and present Opportunities to our OppOs - cutting out the noisy middlemen.

JobOppO provides a platform that enables like-minded OppOs to connect and make informed decisions when it comes to their next career move.

We recognise that changing jobs can be a challenging time with lots to consider, regardless of when or where you are and we work hard to provide useful and engaging content to support this change. We encourage OppOs to think about the right organisation first and work to provide choice.

The JobOppO team are loud and proud advocates of Veterans and encourages others to think and act differently. An honest and values driven commercial organisation, we are comfortable in our position in the market.