Sorry – that’s a horrible word right? So is expiring, resettlement, transition, getting out, de-mobbing, termination. Yet it’s the language and mentality we adopt when leaving the military – often encouraged by the military. It’s little wonder then, for many, the whole experience is daunting and one people struggle to do well.

At JobOppO we like to look at things our own way. We look differently at the period when you hand in (most of) your kit, snip the corner off your MOD 90 and walk past the Guardroom for the last time. The military breeds adaptive, lateral thinking, resilient leaders capable of working in austere environments, often under duress and sometimes, even in the RAF, without a pillow. We do so willingly, often again and again and sometimes despite or in spite of things we have seen, done or witnessed. We are good people. Why then do we get wrapped round the axels when it comes to leaving the military – something we like to refer to as “Changing Gear”?

Admittedly it’s an odd day, that day you wake up a member of an upstanding, diverse, supportive community and go to bed a Veteran – and a member of a bigger, better and dare I say more supportive community. But odd is not bad, odd is intriguing, different, interesting – something to dig into, to ask questions about – to approach with caution yes, but not fear. When you leave the military we encourage you to think and act positively.

Change Gear – up or down, that’s your choice, but you have value to add and a difference to make. Own that period, for many they forge a better life, a more rewarding job and their sense of purpose is not impacted. Others find it hard, and that’s where you must rely on the network that’s there for you – and there for you it is. Try it.

Have a look at JobOppO House and you’ll see what I mean.




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