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JobOppO House: An app based Veterans' Employment Community


Web version of JobOppO House

We have established ourselves as the go to employment community for veterans and service leavers. We adhere to the KISS model, are removing the white noise from the employment aspect of the military to veteran transition and have you at the very centre of our work. 


To help do this we’d like to introduce you to JobOppO House – your online Veteran Employment Community. 

  • A unique community for a unique community 

  • A trusted and safe network 

  • Agenda and algorithm free 

  • An insight to the most attractive and receptive sectors 

  • A place to seek advice and support others



There are many individuals and organisations offering to support Veterans or Service Leavers into a civilian job. Some care more than others and have their own agendas, but JobOppO will always have our OppOs as the centre of what we do and provide free, no strings attached, Insight, Introductions and Opportunities to members of our community.


JobOppO wants to change the narrative around Veteran employment, and with your support, we are sure this empathetic JobOppO House community will help us do this.




Access to JobOppO House is completely free and it is efficient and easy to use.


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