Make sure your net works

JobOppO have set out our stall. You must endeavour to select the correct career path when leaving the military, understanding the skills you have and the value you can add will help with this, CVs are important, interview technique essential – but nothing is more critical to your next step than a strong network.

If you’re worn a military uniform and ask for assistance, advice, an introduction or just a coffee you will get it from someone else who’s worn a uniform, regardless of what colour, how long ago – or the circumstances in which they (or you) left. This success is everywhere. Our OppO Del Hardman for example has bottled it and helped many veterans return to the tribe with the Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Clubs, there are Unit and Regimental groups all over the place and many employers, sports clubs and other institutions also convene their own gatherings – for a variety of reasons. No one helps Veterans more than Veterans we appreciate that, and that was the driving thought when we built and opened the doors of JobOppO House our app-based Veterans’ Employment Community – a place where you can get your network to work.

When it comes to “Changing Gear” and finding new employment especially, networking is the key - in our world particularly. A poor CV (and I see far too many) can do more harm than good and there is undoubtedly a negative perception out there that we are all “bad, sad or mad”. So, while there are people out there, like JobOppO, trying to bust those myths and Change the Narrative, we urge you to take control and to find, build and use your network as much as you can.

With that in mind we have set up a series of live events that will help you practice networking, grow your network, meet the team and talk with employers who may need someone with skills and attitude like yours. They are also in some interesting venues, completely free and come with some good food and drink!

The next such event is at Old Trafford in Manchester on the 10th March and we’d love to see you there.

Here’s the information you need. JobOppO – Veteran Networks - March 2022

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