A brief overview of your military background, highlight key roles, and achievements during your military service: 

I joined the Army in 1997, as a caterer, during my time, I deployed oversea on numerous operational tours, catered for royalty and VVIP’s, I was voted Army chef of the year in 2009. 

During my service I was a defence catering instructor, NVQ assessor and a mountain biking instructor. 

Joining OCS: 

Describe your motivation behind choosing OCS, and how you saw support with your military service. 

I joined OCS, largely because my line manager was ex forces, he sold the culture and opportunity, often trusted to manage my day to day business and treated like an adult to get on with it. 

Personal Growth: 

Highlight your journey of growth within OCS and expand on the opportunities you’ve had to learn new things. 

Since my time with OCS I have been recognised for my early and long term achievements from growing sales over 400% YOY, to giving my team the confidence to grow and developed their own career. 

OCS actively encourage employees to work to the next level up, and support from the senior Team is always on hand to help. 

Leadership Roles 

If applicable, mention any leadership roles you’ve taken on. 

I was trusted early on to stand in as the senior FM, of our contract. 

Future Aspirations 

Conclude with your future aspirations at OCS and how you aim to continue to make a positive impact. 

Future aspirations are to grow my knowledge in the FM industry, and continue to use the Leadership skills learnt in the forces to encourage my Team to grow. 




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