The Benefits of Hiring Ex-Military

72% of organisations who actively work with ex-military personnel would highly recommend them to another employer.

This is because there is a host of benefits to investing in them. They have many transferable skills useful for even the most trying of situations, making an incredible asset to your team.

Yet according to a Deloitte survey, three in ten UK businesses have never considered employing them before.

That is why we are here to explain to you just how valuable they can be to the civil workforce...


Leadership Lead

The military is built to lead by example. They understand the dynamics of leadership and are put into these roles early on in their service. They know how to practically manage behaviours, and the results of doing so effectively. 


Teamwork Driven

Military duties involve both individual and group environments. They understand the value of teamwork and the benefits of working with their colleagues towards a collective goal. 



Veterans are proven to be adaptable to change. They have developed many new skills and applied them to the most challenging scenarios.


Diversity and inclusion

Veterans have worked with diverse individuals and know the benefits of doing so. They have no preference to race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, religion, economic status, mental or physical health. 


Ability to Perform Under Pressure

Veterans can accomplish goals while working with limited resources, and to tight schedules. They know how to prioritise and understand the importance of ensuring a task is done right.


Respect & Loyalty

Veterans respect accountability. They understand an organisation’s framework and are not afraid to responsible for part of it. They know why policies and procedures are in place and have loyalty in ensuring they are met.



Veterans gain experience like no other and tend to be more aware of international trends because of it. They are tech-savvy and can bring a global outlook to business.



Employers can take advantage of their integrity and trustworthiness, including their shining track record backed by security clearances.


Security, Health and Safety 

With extensive training, they know the value of health and safety protocols, not only to ensure they look after themselves but others. They have experience in protecting employees, property, and materials.



Their work ethos is unparallel. Knowing that their success and life was dependant on everyone in their team, they have a very strong worth ethic. They are used to regime, non-traditional environments and working unsociable hours in respect of the mission.


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