The Podcasts that have been produced have been hugely informative and inspirational. Everyone has unique experiences and many shared common experiences. After serving for over 33 years I found the decision to leave (my decision) very difficult and I found transition difficult because I was leaving the organisation I had given so much to. Dominic and JobOppO offered out a hand of friendship and guidance and made me realise I am not the only person that feels something has been removed from their lives. A sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and a sense of direction. The podcasts have helped tremendously and after a year I am moving on. I am extremely proud of my achievements and service, I have another role now, still in a position with responsibility for others, a position I cherish. Don’t get me wrong, I would repeat my service all over again, I miss my previous role but my new role will allow me again to have that sense of purpose, that direction and the intrinsic need to help and support others. As an aside, please don’t underestimate the power of networking, I was made aware of my new role by an ex SNCO who used to work for me…look after others and they will look after you… teamwork and trust coupled with integrity and humility. 


- RAF Veteran, Stephen 

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