How did you come across JobOppO?
Recommend through Gen Dit Network on LinkedIn

How did the JobOppO community assist you?
Advice support and signposting to jobs or people who could assist me with my job search. Looking through the wealth of advice and help on various groups throughout the app was really helpful. Seeing like minded individuals who have either been in the same boat or are going through it with me.

Why would you recommend the JobOppO community to your OppOs?
The sheer level of selfless advice from experts and peers was amazing. Truly really helpful and welcoming.

What do you think makes us different?
There’s no ego or bullshit like you find on LinkedIn. Everyone really wants to help and not got personal gain.

What might you do to assist other OppOs who are “Changing Gear”?
I would be as supportive as I can for anyone who asks. I will be posting a few bits on various groups about the pitfalls I faced. Hopefully help someone in my shoes avoid.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I advice anyone to really engage and be open. Leave pride at the door. We’ve all been there and there’s so much help out there.


- Army Veteran, James 

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