How did you come across JobOppO?
I reached out on LinkedIn through a public message and JobOppO contacted me. I sent my CV and details to them. Joined their app and now I’m employed through the first job contact they sent me.

How did the JobOppO community assist you?
Through direct contact, found me a position for a company close to my home town that was not advertised on the usual job search sites. So that was very helpful for JobOppO to have those contacts.

Why would you recommend the JobOppO community to your OppOs?
Ex forces, so they have the links, contacts and experience to work with serving people who are close to leaving and seeking civilian employment. Also have a good app that you can join and talk to people in similar situations, there’s also useful information on there too.

What do you think makes us different?
Understand forces people that are going through career transition into civilian life. They can find careers/jobs that are not advertised on the usual job search sites , LinkedIn, total jobs, indeed, etc. So for JobOppO to have those extra contacts was very helpful for me, otherwise I wouldn’t have found the job that I have today.

What might you do to assist other OppOs who are “Changing Gear”?
Keep in contact in case of any future job opportunities. Keep up to date on the app and look out for anyone who needs any help.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks, great team !

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