How did you come across JobOppO?

Through my personal friend and Ex Serving Officer Garrath Williams.


How did the JobOppO community assist you?

Garrath wrote a small article about my difficulties and frustrations on returning home  after serving 24years in the Army and 13years as a close protection officer in both Iraq & Afghanistan.


What do you think makes us different?

JobOppO is an Amazing Professional organisation who truly care and understand. JobOppO go above and beyond to truly support you and advise you on every course of action, to help ex service members like myself rebuild my life and give you hope on a future within civilian street. The aftercare JobOppO also provide is second to non. 


What might you do to assist other OppOs who are “Changing Gear”?

100% direct them to JobOppO and provide whatever support I could, having been there myself.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

This Organisation embraced me in my hour of need truly, I was at an all time low going nowhere, and suffering with mental health. JobOppO truly changed my life and gave me hope and made me believe in myself once again, I will be eternally grateful to Garrath Williams and JobOppO for giving me the lifeline & support and aftercare I was desperately seeking.

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