How did you come across JobOppO?
Through Garrath Williams

How did the JobOppO community assist you?
It made an introduction to a few FM recruiters and enablers, which then allowed me to successfully start with a global engineering company.

Why would you recommend the JobOppO community to your OppOs?
The system works, and it's another weapon in your arsenal to successfully find a job on the outside.

What do you think makes us different?
Alot of the JobOppO team have been there as service leavers trying to find employment and have constructed a system and support network to enable others to have an easier time than they did. They have got the insight and experience to make this happen.

What might you do to assist other OppOs who are “Changing Gear”?
Encourage them to register with JobOppO, and introduce them to some recruiters myself.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for your help

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