How did you come across JobOppO?

I stumbled across it on LinkedIn after adding Trish Mullen and Dan Wilkinson

How did the JobOppO community assist you?

I met my current employer at their job event in November or 2022. Gareth invited me down via LinkedIn and it’s proven to be one of the best decisions of my life to date.

Also listening to the keynote speakers helped me do some self-evaluation and put into words what I actually wanted from my career and a few tips on how to get it.

Why would you recommend the JobOppO community to your OppOs?

It’s been a massive help and I believe the community only wants the best for all those currently serving, service leavers and veterans. This isn’t down to wanting the glory or pats on the back but actually looking after one another which is why we all loved being in the services.

What do you think makes us different?

How much you truly care and take an interest in what you do and the people you speak to.

What might you do to assist other OppOs who are “Changing Gear”?

We are currently looking at engaging with a number of service leavers to join us in a multitude of role and I am keen to help those leaving realise their worth and that they can offer so much more than they possible may think.

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