A brief overview of your military background, highlight key roles, and achievements during your military service: 

I was a regular military chef for over 12 years and served all over the world and completed operational tours of Kosovo, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan.   

For the last nearly 13 years since leaving my regular service I have been a member of the army reserve as a caterer as part of 167 catering support regiment.  In those 13 years I have again served all around the world.  Each year I must attend an annual 2-week camp as part of my minimum 19-day commitment that must be either a trade/promotional course or supporting camp assisting a regular or another reserve unit.  Currently with OCS I must. take my 2-week camp as part of my paid annual leave allowance.  

Joining OCS: 

Describe your motivation behind choosing OCS, and how you saw support with your military service. 

Being honest, I knew very little about OCS when I first joined 3 years ago but have been very pleased with the support I have received from my direct and senior management.  My direct manager has always been happy to accommodate last minute changes if needed to leave needed for my reserve activities.   

Personal Growth: 

Highlight your journey of growth within OCS and expand on the opportunities you’ve had to learn new things. 

I have been given lots of opportunity to take on further courses and apprenticeships during my time with OCS and I have tried to take on as many as possible.  I have also been given coaching and mentoring by other managers within the business.  

Leadership Roles 

If applicable, mention any leadership roles you’ve taken on. 

I am currently the contract manager for the united Lincolnshire contract and manage over 50 staff across 43 building throughout Lincolnshire. 

Future Aspirations 

Conclude with your future aspirations at OCS and how you aim to continue to make a positive impact. 

My future aspirations with OCS are to grow my own contract and/or take on a larger portfolio. 



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