Wednesday Jun 21, 2023


Veterans, Service Leavers, OppOs, Good People and Good Organisations.


Free of charge

Date & Time: 

Wed, 21 June 2023, 

15:00 – 18:00. Learn Networking in the old Gunpowder Store

18:00 – Late. Do Networking in the Taphouse


Priddy’s Hard Heritage Way, Gosport. PO12 4FL


The event is designed to bring together Veterans and Service Leavers and other, select, members of the JobOppO Community, to learn about networks and networking – and put it into practice. This is part of our Network Not Paperwork campaign where will espouse the benefits of a strong and supportive network when Veterans and Service Leavers are looking for meaningful employment – and putting it ahead of the need for a polished CV.

The event will take place at the Powder Monkey Brewery in Gosport, a Veteran owned award-winning microbrewery located in Priddy's Hard, Heritage Way, the former home of the Royal Navy’s armament depot. Attendees will not only learn about networks and networking and the benefits it offers, but will also be treated to the history of the repurposed Naval Gunpowder Store, and during the evening, have the opportunity to sample a range of locally brewed beers, ales and refreshments, while networking with fellow Veterans from the local area.

JobOppO is committed to supporting Veterans 'Change Gear' from a military to Veteran life, and this event is just one way in which we are working to provide Veterans with the insight, introductions and opportunities needed to succeed.

We look forward to seeing you there!








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