Our “Network Not Paperwork” campaign has been established to espouse the benefits of a strong and supportive network when Veterans and Service Leavers are looking for meaningful employment – putting it ahead of the need for a polished CV.

“I am yet to meet a Veteran who will not help another Veteran” said JobOppO’s Garrath Williams, himself a Veteran of 17 years in the British and Australian Army “and it’s the network that can be a game changer – and far less stressful than walking the CV tightrope!”

JobOppO recognises some Veterans and Service Leavers can struggle to appreciate and articulate the skills, knowledge and attitude they accrued while in uniform – and writing this down, in “civvy speak” can be even more challenging. Building, working on and utilising your network, particularly if you’re leaving the military, is a sure-fire way of opening doors, increasing confidence and finding a place where your value is not only respected, but needed.

Our Network Not Paperwork campaign commenced kicked off in 2023 and was boosted by a fantastic event, during Armed Forces Week, at the Veteran owned Powder Monkey Brewery in June in Gosport where over 120 Veterans, Service Leavers and employers got together to “learn and do” networking in a wonderful historic setting over-looked by HMS Queen Elizabeth.

This event also acted as a soft launch for our Veterans Can... campaign.