Episode 1 is the first in a series of Sector focussed episodes of ‘ANAAFI Break with JobOppo’,  where we highlight a Sector and give insights for Service Leavers and Veterans to help them find ‘The Job’ not just a job!

Hosted by former RAF PTI and Veteran, Dominic O’Sullivan with Garrath Williams, Director of Veteran Engagement at JobOppo 

This first episode brings Sector overview from Dave Mapps Client Relationship Manager at ThisWeekinFM, who are the Leading News & Information Service for the Facilities Workplace & Built Environment  and the personal journey of Ray Cooksley, who left the Army and entered ISS a World-Leading Facilities Services and Workplace Experiences company.

JobOppO and NAAFI Break share a desire to talk more positively about the value veterans and service leavers can and do add civilian employers. By putting on this podcast series they hope to facilitate a number of light but informative conversations that will involve veterans, employers and support organisations, dispelling a few myths along the way. This series will be valuable to veterans seeking insight into specific sectors and employers wishing to learn more about the skills, knowledge and attitude veterans bring and the positive impact they have.

We hope you enjoy.

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