For a lot of people, the most daunting part of finding employment is putting together a CV. The go-to is quite often Google, and if you were not already confused before your search, then you probably will be once you have finished. The truth is that CV’s do not have to be confusing, and it is important to know that it is not intended to be your autobiography. For the CV to be effective it will do more than simply list the jobs that you have had, but very importantly will highlight the skills and qualities that you will bring to the role. Essentially it is as important to show what you can do as it is to show what you have done. So where do you start? This handout will hopefully help you to build up your CV in a logical manner, whilst getting you to start thinking about your skills and experience.

Please download the JobOppO Employability Skills: Module 3 worksheet using the link below. 

Module 3: Your CV