A brief overview of your military background, highlight key roles, and achievements during your military service: 

Served 22 years in the 3rd / 2nd Royal Tank regiment rose through the ranks to WO Class 2 . During this time, I achieved management and leadership qualifications at levels 5 & 6.

I also was key to large deployments of subunit at unit level from Canada to the Helmand province. I was also part of the regimental training department where I was the senior rank in charge of 500 + soldiers training from basic up to deployment and trade readiness training. 

Joining OCS: 

Describe your motivation behind choosing OCS, and how you saw support with your military service. 

When I left the regiment, I joined a training company in Driffield I was there a short time at it started to draw down, the company was made of Veterans and 1 joined OCS…. After a short while he recruited me to become a security Manger of a shopping centre in Leeds.  

Whilst working in the region I went between roles as a manager and training / compliance manager. 

The reason I enjoyed my time with OCS as it was based on friendship and professionalism which is similar to the military way of working because of this learning and developing in role was well suited to my mind set. 

My contracted ended and I was released form OCS however I kept in contact and was keen to return as soon as vacancy became available. 

I returned to a role hicher than I left and it took no time at all to fit back into the processes of OCS 

Personal Growth: 

Highlight your journey of growth within OCS, and expand on the opportunities you’ve had to learn new things. 

Since working with OCS I have established a training centre for my region  

I have added to my qualification by become a professional member of MBSic and CIWFM 

I’m an IMPACT coach for both cleaning and security.  

I have use my military back ground to conduct penetration test for key accounts. 

Since 2020 I moved to a key account which I now run as a TFM operations manager where I continue to look to challenge myself and gain further professional qualification around TFM and move to R.O.M role. 

Leadership Roles 

If applicable, mention any leadership roles you’ve taken on. 

  • Security Manager (Shopping Centre) 
  • Training & Compliance manager (Northeast) 
  • Operations Manger (Yorkshire) 
  • Operations Manger (M&G Account North) 

Future Aspirations 

Conclude with your future aspirations at OCS and how you aim to continue to make a positive impact. 

I look to stay with OCS for as long as possible as I wish to move into a R.O.M role, to achieve this I’m looking at continuing to gain account management experience with the key account I’m working in. 

Added to my professional qualification which will in turn broaden my knowledge base and help me drive service excellence within the account I currently work in but help me drive collaborative pass on my experience and knowledge to my managers and team to bring up there skill set for the future. 



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