Our enduring “Look Past the Uniform” campaign has been established to encourage people to think differently – whether they be from members of the Veteran community or potential employers.


The JobOppO community is made up of 1000s of Veterans and Service Leavers who, when leaving the military, can struggle to appreciate and articulate the skills, knowledge and attitude they accrued while in uniform. This, coupled with natural humility and an all too regularly promoted message that change is bad and the grass may not be as green on the other side, can lead to limiting beliefs, reduced confidence and ultimately, underemployment. So, we call upon Veterans and Service Leavers to Look Past The Uniform and see the value.


Additionally, there is an unhelpful and pervading narrative that organisations should employ Veterans and Service Leavers because it’s the right thing to do, or based on the limited behaviours of good time keeping, neat personal appearance or an aptitude for resilience. Worse, there are organisations who would have employers believe they should pity Veterans and offer them a role to help them where others will not. So, we call upon Employers to Look Past The Uniform and see the value.


This national campaign commenced in mid-2022 and was supported by Clear Channel one of our Employment Partners and has been reinforced through a number of subsequent events and publications. In 2023 we wish to further develop this campaign and call upon anyone with an opinion on the matter to share that with us via engagement@joboppo.co.uk