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The best in class hygienic process engineering company offering total project solutions across the globe. Briggs of Burton have realised several large turnkey projects where the client has benefited from our strong engineering capabilities in world class stainless steel tank manufacturing for the distilling, brewing, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Providing traditional, handcrafted Scottish copper pot stills and continuous distillation columns around the world.

Our Corporate Values

Be Safe - The safety of our employees, clients and public is paramount. We want all employees to go home as they arrived at work every day. We ensure that safety for all is inherent through design, construction, and long-term operation.   

Be Flexible - No two clients’ needs are the same, flexibility is one of our unique offerings and allows us to adapt to the market and changing environments. We aim to utilise and develop the latest standards, specifications and new technologies.   

Be open and honest - We continuously strive to provide excellent products and services to our clients as socially responsible corporate citizens that act ethically above anything else.   

Deliver what we promise - We develop long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders alike. We deliver what the customer wants, and more specifically deliver what we promise.

Our Vision

The best in class hygienic process engineering company offering total project solutions across the globe.


Building on our knowledge and experience since 1732 as one of the oldest process engineering companies in the world.

Empowering our employees to deliver world-class sustainable solutions for clients in sectors such as brewing, distilling, pharmaceutical and food, with Health & Safety and Quality underpinning everything we do.




Armed Forces Reserve

If an employee belongs to the Territorial Army Defence or Reserve Forces and wishes to attend the two week annual camp, the Company will allow them to have one week’s additional paid leave for this purpose; the second week will be granted against their normal holiday entitlement.  If they wish to take advantage of this provision, they must obtain prior approval from a member of the Management Team with relevant proof of current membership.

The Company is aware that employees who are members of Territorial Army Defence or Reserve Forces may be called-up at any time to be used on full-time operations and will be expected to attend regular training.

Once an employee’s military service has ended they may submit a written application for reinstatement to their employment.  This should be made by the third Monday following the end of their military service and they should notify the Company of the date on which they will be available to restart work.

Briggs Testimonial


Learn to become a traditional coppersmith.
Sector: Manufacturing, Maintenance, Other Manufacturing, Production Manager, Semi-skilled Operator
Locations: Prestonpans
Salary: Hourly Rate + Overtime
Calling all whisky enthusiasts - we're looking for experienced fabricators interested in learning a new area of the trade: shaping artisanal copper stills for the most revered names in spirits distillation.
View Details Closes 30/04/2024
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