A brief overview of your military background, highlight key roles, and achievements during your military service: 

In 2011 I left the Royal Air Force after 12 years of service. For the first 6 years I served within the Air Traffic Control world which included Flight Operations, Flight Planning and Ground Control and reaching the rank of corporal. On the second attempt, I was successful at being selected as aircrew and spent the last 6 years of my service aboard both fixed wing and rotary aircraft before leaving with the rank of sergeant. 

Joining OCS: 

Describe your motivation behind choosing OCS, and how you saw support with your military service. 

After working in travel and tourism for a couple of years I decided to start my next career and one which I could use my transferable skills learnt in the military. As I came from an operational aviation background, I was able to secure a management position within the OCS Aviation & Gateways division at Luton Airport. Fortunately, my line manager was also ex-military and saw that I would be a good fit for the contract management role. 

Personal Growth: 

Highlight your journey of growth within OCS, and expand on the opportunities you’ve had to learn new things. 

From starting off as a contract manager on a relatively small operation, I was promoted to regional General Manager to oversee key contracts such as Eurostar and the Port of Dover. However, the major growth has been with my continuous professional development which OCS not only encourages but also suggests paths and avenues which to work towards. As such, I am now a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor and just starting year 3 of a management degree. 

Leadership Roles 

If applicable, mention any leadership roles you’ve taken on. 

The step up from contract manager to General Manager was a large one and also to manage across several sites throughout the Southeast of England. However, the support was there and enabled me to also take on more of a role within the finances of the contracts and the health and safety aspects of the operations.  

Future Aspirations 

Conclude with your future aspirations at OCS and how you aim to continue to make a positive impact. 

As the sole Ports and Harbour contract for the company, I have been working hard to help OCS to build in this sector and have several potential opportunities in the coming year. From a solid base at the Port of Dover, I believe that OCS can grow further which will also allow potential and further growth for myself.  


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