"Joined the British Army in 2011, I was a Queens Guard, did 6 months training in Catterick which then led on to a year in London guarding Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, The Tower of London and Kensington Palace. After a year passed I then got stationed to Catterick where we got in to the soldier side of things. We were an armoured unit and operated out of Challengers and Mastiffs when not on foot.

I left the Army in 2017 due to having a daughter and was tossed back in to civvie street. I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing, I was applying for jobs in care, factories wherever I could potentially earn some money.

I managed to leave the Army with my Cat C license (Class 2) and was guided in to a wagon driving job with a local firm who like this one, wanted to help ex servicemen get back in to civilian life. They then paid for my Cat C+E license (Class 1) and I had more options and better pay.

I then was put in touch with Roocroft who were more local and paid their wagon drivers really well and was lucky enough to be offered a job here.

I’ve had all my training paid, to get me out on sites, I’ve been placed in a ‘gang’ with lads I now consider family and can honestly say I’ve never earnt as much money in my life. I couldn’t recommend it enough to a service leaver who like me had no direction and didn’t know where to start. If there’s ever a problem the directors all the way down to yard lads will do anything to get you sorted. Like the Army, Roocroft’s is 1 big family and I’m thankful to be able to work here. 

I’m still quite new to the company and therefore haven’t done many courses/training as of yet, but the opportunities here are endless."

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