A brief overview of your military background, highlight key roles, and achievements during your military service: 

Having joined the Forces as a boy soldier in 1988, I was fortunate to have worked in varied roles such as a Tank Commander and a Senior Investigator in the Royal Military Police. In my 25 years service, I travelled to many Countries and ‘Hot Spots’ such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosova, as well as Norway, Canada and America.

Life within the Forces teaches you not only to look after yourself, your equipment and your team, but also teaches you a variety of life skills. I have laundered and ironed my kit in the Saudi Desert, Help rebuild a school in Bosnia (Brickwork and Carpentry), Cleaned out a Medical Centre in Kosovo, and provided Close Protection to Judges and dignitaries in Iraq.

Joining OCS: 

Describe your motivation behind choosing OCS, and how you saw support with your military service. 

Having left the Forces in 2013, I worked for a year in the Middle East before returning and seeking employment in the UK. I applied for a position of Mobile Security Supervisor, whilst sitting in Doha Airport waiting for a connecting flight. I found the application process easy to navigate and was pleased that my vetting documents were not required at this stage as I was travelling. By the time I had arrived home the next day, I had received and invite to a meeting in Cardiff. I was introduced to a Manager and a Scheduler who both interviewed me for the position, asking relevant questions about why I wanted that particular position.

Whilst I was confident that I could make a go at being a Manager, I was aware that I possessed very little civilian experience, therefore opted to start off as a Supervisor and ‘learn my trade’. Having been offered the position and accepting, I started less than 3 weeks after applying. I learnt quite a lot in my first 6 months, asking questions about how OCS worked, how we procured contracts, etc. and was invited to undertake more responsible tasks such as workplace investigations and recruitment interviews.

Personal Growth: 

Highlight your journey of growth within OCS and expand on the opportunities you’ve had to learn new things. 

After 9 months employment, I requested a transfer to Swansea as I had enrolled on a Postgraduate Degree with Swansea University. OCS supported me fully, by allowing me to not only transfer, but to reduce my contracted hours to accommodate attending University. It was during this period that OCS secured a Security Contract with Swansea County Council and I was subsequently promoted to Contract Manager.

Leadership Roles 

If applicable, mention any leadership roles you’ve taken on. 

My development continued and mistakes were made, however OCS remained supportive throughout. The restructure of OCS from working in Regions to Sectors, saw me oversee the transition of all Contracts that now sat under The Government Sector. The end of the Swansea Council contract coincided with the Mobilisation of the MOJ Contract which I initially helped out with, then fully transferred into, initially as the Security Manager, then as an Area Operations Manager.

Future Aspirations 

Conclude with your future aspirations at OCS and how you aim to continue to make a positive impact. 

My professional development continues in my current role where OCS has supported my thirst for knowledge and learning by supporting me in attaining a Level 5 Diploma in Facilities Management and allowing me to assist with the mobilisation of contracts such as HMCTS and HM Land Registry. OCS is a wonderful employer and is quite supportive of my thirst for knowledge and progression. I do fear that by nature of way contracts and employment are managed that I may have to transfer out under TUPE in the next few years. Having previously served one employer for over 25 yrs, I do find this one of the disadvantages of working for a Facilities Management Company where the choice of remaining loyal to a single employer may be taken out of my hands.


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