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When it comes to applying for a new job the right CV could be your first step towards an interview and hopefully a new career.

Many military personnel join the services at a very young age and have little or in many cases no experience in writing CV’s or interview processes.

JobOppO has teamed up with TotalJobs one of UK’s largest job board’s. Over the coming months we will provide expert advice, CV writing tips, free guides/templates, interview techniques and much more.

1. Contact details
As basic as this may sound your contact details should be up to date so the employer or recruiter can contact you. Ensure you have an appropriate email address, this can reflect you as a person to those reading your CV.

2. Personal statement
According to a recent employability study you have less than 20 seconds to catch the attention of an employer. Having a well structured CV and a strong personal statement is important, your aim is to capture the reader and show your capabilities within a few lines.

3. Less is more
When writing your CV try not to exceed 2 pages, this in some cases is not an easy task. Employers and recruiters do not have time to go through pages and pages of an individual’s CV, remember if you have captured the reader they will be in touch for more information.

4. Career History
You have gained so much experience within the military, what most find difficult is adding these skills into a CV or making it ‘civi’ friendly. Add dates of tour duties, change of regiments or units and also promotion. Detail what these roles entailed in a short concise paragraph.

5. Skills learnt
It probably is not of any use to add weapons training into your CV, however do include those skills which are transferrable such as first aid, health and safety, engineering training, organisation, budgets, team leader etc.

6. Achievements & Goals
Including achievements into your CV can distinguish you from others, showing your accomplishments and ambitions without over selling shows readers that you are always looking to improve and better yourself.

JobOppO is proud to be supported by TotalJobs one of UK’s leading job boards. Over the coming months with expert advice we will provide much more content and help in supporting ex military personnel.

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