Civilian Work Attachment

Civilian Work Attachment

The purpose of CWA is to provide the opportunity to undertake a placement, allowing a military service leaver to experience a job within the civilian sector.

This program also provides the client with time to assess the suitability of the service leaver for that specific role, although this does not guarantee the service leaver a job he or she will receive a recommendation from the client. 

JobOppO has partnered with a number of global firms who support the CWA program. 


What is GRT? 

GRT (Graduate Resettlement Time) = 35 days (If you have served more than 8 years) 

How many days will I use during this program? 

Individuals will use their GRT during work placement - This can vary depending on the client, but we advise between 2-4 weeks

What forms do I need to complete? 

MoD forms 1746/1748 need to be completed

What will I be doing exactly for the client? 

There will be a specific job description which will involve spending time observing or helping someone actually do the job. 

Where can I get further information on my entitlements? 

Please contact your CTP advisor or your local development team. 

Will I need to be interviewed? 

In some cases you will need to be interviewed before starting this program. 

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