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Town/City London

SaluteMyJob is a Social Enterprise dedicated to:

1. Providing expert, veteran focussed consultancy, recruitment and assessment services to employers. Our model is founded on the principle that we can do more for former Service men and women by driving up employer demand for them as employees, consultants and reservists.

2. Supporting ex-military people into employment in the private and Third sectors. In particular, we help translate the knowledge, skills and experience of former Service men and women into the language of commercial employers. Uniquely, SaluteMyJob uses ‘best of breed’ commercial assessment and validation tools to help candidates better understand the strengths they can offer a commercial employer and to provide the evidence employers require.

SaluteMyJob is applying to the UK a model developed over 10 years by our sister organisation in the US, Corporate America Supports You (CASY). In 2014, CASY placed over 5,000 veterans into employment in the US. SaluteMyJob's goal is to use CASY's good practice, science and proven technology to achieve similar results in the UK.

Our Social Enterprise status and focus on the provision of veterans’ services to employers distinguish SaluteMyJob from other companies. SaluteMyJob collaborates with employers to achieve 2 specific outcomes: structured, efficient veterans' or reservists' programmes for employers and successful second careers for ex-Service men and women. As a Social Enterprise, SaluteMyJob is committed to returning 51% of its profits to the military community. 

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