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Recruiter Church International Limited Church International Limited
Main Contact Lesley Hayes
Town/City Maidstone

Church International Limited are a leading cross-sector International Technology Recruitment Company, founded in 1984.

Over the past three decaes we have perfected the art of mtaching great talent with an impressive list of companies through a global network of contacts, our professional approach and our exceptional client and candidate retention skills.

We are consistently chosen to represent leading organisations because of our commitment to add value at every level and are always looking at innovative ways to match clients with the most talented candidates.  It is this personal touch that has earned us the reputation of being 'the face of recruitment'.

We believe that skills developed in the military, such as leadership, teamwork and problem solving are transferable and highly valued by our clients, active in several market sectors to include Banking & Financial Services, Engineering, Technical Services & Solutions, Accounting & Legal, Insurance and more and our continued expansion and success means that we are a Recruitment International UK  'Top 250 Listed Recruitment Company 2014'.

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