WO2 Gareth Evans

JobOppO sponsors Ex-Military WO2 to attend University course on Railway Risk and Safety Management

Course: CPD Modules on the MSc Programme in Railway Risk and Safety Management
(RRSM) at the University of Birmingham.

The modules for the Postgraduate - Railway Risk & Safety Management (RRSM) course are: • Foundations of System Safety Thinking

• Railway Operations and Controls Systems Design
• Business Management for Railways
• Railway Tractions Systems Design and Traction Supplies • Rolling Stock and Infrastructure Systems Interactions

Course: CPD Modules on the MSc Programme in Railway Risk and Safety Management
(RRSM) at the University of Birmingham.

Gareth: “I have completed a number of modules which are part of the RRSM post graduate programme; they were a mix of online distance learning and residential weeks at the University of Birmingham. The modules were packed with valuable information that I believe will assist me in the transition from the forces into the rail industry. The programme staff were extremely experienced and always willing to offer advice and knowledge when required.”

How can a program like this benefit and support Ex-Military personnel?

Gareth: If you are interested in moving into the rail industry then the awareness gained on these modules on this programme will benefit you immensely. Furthermore, having these CPD modules on your CV shows potential employers that you have a willingness to learn and are prepared to invest time in your future career on the railways.

Where could attending this programme potentially lead to?

Gareth: “Just being in an academic environment at post graduate level was incredibly enjoyable and the understanding that I gained from other students was vast. If an individual was interested in carrying on with their studies then, with further work, each of the CPD modules is worth 10 credits at post graduate level. On completion of my BEng (Hons) degree I will, most certainly, be pursuing the MSc postgraduate programme in Railway Systems Engineering and Integration delivered at the University.”

Gareth: “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the team at JobOppo for giving me this opportunity; it has given me a better understanding of how I can focus my resettlement training in order to achieve the objectives I plan to meet.”

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