MoD unveils third round of Army job cuts

MoD unveils third round of Army job cuts

The Ministry of Defence has announced a third round of Army redundancies.

Up to 5,300 job losses were outlined by the government. These are part of cuts already announced to reduce Army numbers from 102,000 to 82,000 by 2017.

Defence minister Mark Francois said the MoD would ensure it retained the capabilities the Armed Forces required "in order to meet the challenges of the future".

The overall aim is to help plug a £38bn hole in the defence budget.

Labour has questioned defence cuts in the wake of the recent hostage crisis in Algeria and concerns that the UK faces a growing battle with Islamist extremism in North Africa.

But the BBC's Norman Smith says the government is "very unlikely to back off from these redundancies" because it says the only support likely to be offered in that region will be logistically, rather than troops.

Redundancy notices will be issued on 18 June. Any personnel preparing for, serving on, or recovering from operations on that date will not lose their jobs unless they have applied for redundancy.

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